Turkish naval warships has docked in Mogadishu following a 10 year security agreement between somalia and Ankara 

The deal signed by Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh Mohammed in February would see the Turkish navy protect the Long stretch Somali coastline of 3,333 kilometers .

This comes amid constant threats by Ethiopia which had signed an MoU with the breakaway region of Somaliland which would guarantee them 20 kilometers of the Somalian coast for the construction of a port and a military base prompting Somalia to turn to Ankara for help .

The deal is also expected to facilitate blue economy development,the establishment, training and equipping of a Somali navy that would help maintain security and also curb illegal fishing in Somalia’s territorial waters.

The presence of the Turkish naval warship TCG Kinaliada is meant to spearhead the 10 year agreement with Turkey who have also been involved in training of elite GorGor troops who have been vital in the fight against the terrorist group Al-shabab .

“The government of our brothers in Turkey with whom this agreement is made , is a country and people we know , who have shown us support many times. it is a friendly and brotherly country in which we can trust for the defense of our nationalism and territorial unity,” said president Hassan Mohammed.

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