The British parliament  has approved the controversial asylum seekers bill to Rwanda, This is after the supreme court ruled it before as unlawful. 

In April 2022, the UK government signed a migration treaty with Rwanda where they agreed to  process and settle asylum. 

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The UK supreme court in November 2023 declared the treaty as unlawful  terming Rwanda as not a safe country to move asylum seekers.

However, the government responded by amending the treaty introducing a bill that says Rwanda is safe for asylum seekers,  a move that many humanitarian organizations and the opposition party strongly disagreed with. 

Major reason for this action is to deter dangerous crossing in small boats using the English  channels by people who are desperate to get in the UK as stated by the Prime Minister Rishi  Sunak.

 Anyone who has entered the UK unlawfully as well as those who have arrived illegally since  January 2022 are to be deported and their asylum claims to be processed in Rwanda rather than  the UK. 

The bill also states that immigrants once deported will not be allowed in the UK again. 

The UK National Audit Office estimated €665 million is required to deport 300 asylum seekers. 

 On 8th December 2023 the UK government paid €240 million to Rwanda to fund its economic  development.

Rishi Sunak the UK prime minister promised the first immigrant flight will begin in 10-12 weeks

“If it ever comes to a choice  between our national security, securing the borders and membership of foreign court, I’m of  course always going to prioritize national security” said Mr. Sunak said during a conference  meeting late Monday.

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