The March-April rains, has seen several counties hit by devastating floods, which has resulted in households displacements, submerging of arable land, destruction of multi million property and stalling of business.

According to the Kenya Red Cross Society, the recent floods have resulted in 49 fatalities and the displacement of 11,617 families and forced thousands of families to seek shelter elsewhere.

The humanitarian crisis triggered by the floods underscores the urgent need for coordinated response efforts to provide assistance and support to those affected. 

President William Ruto led the Committee on National Disaster Response to address the ongoing flooding across the country. 

This decision follows an emergency session chaired by the Head of State at State House, which convened key stakeholders in response to the nationwide floods that have resulted in loss of lives and displacement of numerous families.

The meeting concluded with the establishment of a Multi-Agency Emergency Response Centre under the Ministry of Interior.  

Additionally, President Ruto directed the National Youth Service (NYS) to provide shelter for those directly affected by the floods, ensuring that all internally displaced persons receive assistance in finding alternative settlement arrangements.

“We will move you whether you like it or not,” president Ruto told floods victims. 

The Meteorological Department predicts heavy rainfall over 40mm in various  regions from April 25th to 27th, 2024. 

The intensity is expected to increase to  over 50mm, with a reduction in intensity on April 28th.

Residents are advised to stay vigilant due to potential floods, flash floods, and poor visibility. Water  levels in rivers, lakes, and dams are expected, and landslide-prone areas are  advised to exercise caution.

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