Government spokesperson Isaac Mwaura recently announced that farmers lost approximately Ksh3.7 billion due to the recent floods.

Mwaura said that more than 180,000 acres of cultivated land were flooded across the country.

However, he said the government will support post-flood recovery by distributing seed and other farm inputs.

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He further warned citizens to stay vigilant and abide by warning from meteorological department.

“We urge wananchi to take cautions and adhere to weather and floods alerts,” Mwaura said.

This comes as weatherman predicts less rainfall in many part of the country.

In the recent weather forecast between 4th to 10th of June, the meteorological department predicts that cloudy and cold conditions will be experienced in Highland East, West of Rift Valley, and South-Eastern lowlands.

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In Lake Victoria Basin, West of Rift Valley and Highlands East is expected to receive rainfall, with the of the country expected to be generally dry.

The weatherman further predicted a 30-degree centigrade of maximum daytime temperature in some parts of Coastal region, North-Western Kenya.

Even as the devastating rainfall begins to reduce, many Kenyans including families of those who lost their lives are still facing problems that demands a coordinated effort to tackle.

It includes provision of basic needs and psychological support for the grieving ones.

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