President William Ruto. Photo/courtesy.

President William Ruto has welcomed Joe Biden’s blueprint for de-escalation of war in Gaza between Palestine and Israel.

U.S president proposes a six-week ceasefire, withdrawal of Israeli forces from populated areas of Gaza and release of hostages.

Additionally, the plan will also usher-in reconstruction of the ruined Gaza.

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Ruto said the human suffering in the Gaza strip is so huge thus necessitating the two-warring sides to support the plan to end the suffering of people.

“Given the astronomical human suffering that this conflict has inflicted, I implore Israeli and Palestinian leadership, and all parties of goodwill, to support this plan,” Ruto wrote on his X post.

He added, “It’s my firm believe that if this plan is strongly endorsed and faithfully observed, it will form the basis for permanent ceasefire and the implementation of two-state solution, with Israel and Palestine coexisting alongside each other, contributing to a more stable and just region and the world.”

Israel has said the deal is not good but accepted it, adding that they want hostages released and destruction of Hamas, terming them as “genocidal terrorist organization.’

While the talks of the ceasefire brokered by Qatar, USA and Egypt, bombardment of southern Gaza city of Rafah continues, with the latest strikes by Israeli Airforce killing 11 people according to Palestine health officials.

As of May, more than 36,000 civilians have been killed in Gaza since October 7th attack which saw Hamas military breaks to the southern part of Israel and gunned down at least 1,400 Israelis, triggering a war than has left Gaza in ruins.

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