NAIROBI, Kenya Sep. The Ethics And Anti-Corruption Commission[EACC] has today launched its 5-year strategic plan at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre.  

At the same time, EACC has vowed to step up its aggression against corrupt individuals in the country, promising to go for all corrupt individuals regardless of their status in the society. “We are going to go for those people who use their offices to steal public resources. We will go for the small fish because small fish are dangerous. They eat in small bits but the damage is enormous,” said EACC chairperson David Oginde.

Oginde further called on the political class to desist from politicizing the war against graft, adding that the fight against  corruption is universal.

For effective fight against corruption which the commission termed as a cancer, Vincent Okong’o the Director, Preventive Services at EACC asked the government to add them more resources as they currently have a deficit of Ksh15.62 billion. 

The Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi who was the chief guest at the event advised politicians to cooperate with the investigative agencies to see to it that ill-gotten wealth is repatriated back to the state, giving his own testament when he was summoned by EACC he obliged the call and called for his fellow politicians to do the same and stop politicizing the war against corruption.

“If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about. Let the investigative agencies do their work because they are professionals,” Mudavadi said. The commission through its chairperson further called for an increase in its fund allocation opining that a well resourced EACC will find it easier to deal with corruption cases in a seamless manner.

Mudavadi also called for the institutionalization of the structure of opposition in the parliament, underscoring its important role as a watchdog to the government and its institutions and holding them accountable.

Speaking also at the event Neil J Walsh who is the Regional Representative UNODC-Regional Office for Eastern Africa said that no one is immune to corruption and that the UNODC body has formed new strict rules to fight corruption.