The UN Security Council on Monday approved the United States three-phase resolution calling for immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

With the abstinence of the Russian Federation 14 of the 15 security council members voted in favor of the US-drafted resolution.

The US-drafted resolution calls for the release of hostages inside Gaza for an exchange of Palestinian detainees currently held in Israel with a temporary ceasefire lasting for six weeks in its first phase urging both Hamas and Israel to implement it’s terms without delay .

In a statement, Representative of the United States of America to the UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said, “Israel has already agreed to this deal and the fighting could stop today, if Hamas would do the same. I repeat: The fighting could stop today.”

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Whether Benjamin Netanyahu fully accepts the proposed deal remains in doubt this comes after the resignation of Israeli centrist minister Benny Gantz from his emergency government on Sunday which forces Netanyahu to lean more to his far-right coalition which opposes the ceasefire deal.

Earlier on Monday, Hamas and Palestinian leaders said that any deal must lead to a permanent ceasefire as they met in Qatar to discuss the proposed resolution .

Algeria’s ambassador to the UN Amar Bendjama the only Arab representative in the council said in a statement that the resolution will “offers a glimmer of hope to the Palestinians.”

“It’s time to halt the killing.” He added, “we believe it can represent a step forward toward an immediate and lasting ceasefire.”

President Biden the spearheaded of the resolution on his X account formerly Twitter said, “Hamas says it wants a ceasefire. This deal is an opportunity to prove they mean it.”

The war that was sparked by Hamas on October the 7th has then since claimed over 37000 lives in Gaza according to the ministry of health in Gaza.

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