IDF Soldiers and One of the hostages rescued (center). Photo/courtesy.

(Gaza) – Israeli Defense Forces has rescued four hostages in a raid in Gaza after 8 months of being kidnapped. They were among other Israelis who were at Nova Festival on October 7th.

Almog Meir Jan 22, Noa Argamani 26, Andrey Kozlov 27, and Shlomi Ziv 41, were held at two separate locations in the Nuseirat refugee camp a dense area in central Gaza when the IDF conducted both the land and airstrike.

The rescue operation at Gaza’s al-Nuseirat, the battles area of conflict between Israel and Palestine, claimed the lives of over 200 Palestinians including children, a move which UN has been labeled as a massacre.

“We know about under 100 (Palestinian) casualties. I don’t know how many from them are terrorists,” Israeli spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, said in a briefing with journalists.

Dozens of Palestinians are lying on ground with the medical team doing their best using the less and simple medical kits they have said Gaza health official.

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The United states provided an intelligence support in the rescue operation which took a week’s planning.

An Israeli special forces commander was killed during the process, a police statement said.

With the celebrations among the Israelis and families of the 4 rescued citizens, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has made a promise and commitment his people, that they will not rest until all 120 hostages a freed, whether dead or alive.

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