President William Ruto (right) and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua at the at the Akorino National Thanksgiving Prayer Conference in Nakuru. Photo/courtesy.

President William Ruto has called upon Members of Parliament to pass the 2024/25 budget so that the government can complete stalled roads across the country.

Speaking  in Nakuru at Akorino Church National Conference Sunday, he said that failure to pass the budget will affect the government’s plan of constructing roads.

“We had some many road projects that we started before 2021 but stalled because of lack of money. Last year we said we need to sort the economic mess. I want to ask MPs, the issues are now coming to you in Parliament help us because in that budget we have allocated money for all roads in the country that stalled,” Ruto said.

Ruto urged MPs to pass the bill, adding that if the budget is shot down, MPs should not ask him for projects.

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“(David) Gikaria has told me he wants three kilometers of tarmac, but I will add that to 10 Kilometers, I have already planned and the Transport Committee chairman George Kariuki will tell you that we have a plan ready, your work is to lobby MPs to pass the budget so that I begin work; If lazy around and the budget is shot down, then don’t come to ask me about that,” Ruto said.

Last week, Budget and Appropriation Committee concluded public participation on the finance bill 2024/25, where Kenyans shared their views and proposals.

The budget will be debated and approved by MPs before Treasury CS reading it officially.

The 2024/25 budget has attracted  opposition from several quarters including the private sector which has warned that passing the bill will have massive effects on consumers since added taxes will be passed down to them.

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