April 30 – Nairobi Women Representative Easter Passaris has tabled a motion to the National Assembly to amend a penal code to provide for criminalization of sextortion.

Passaris presented Penal Code (Amendment) Section 4 of CAP 63, public petition number 8 of 2024 stating that sextortion should be lawfully criminalized.

This comes as a result of the rising sexual exploitation by the people in power, which Passaris says it affect vulnerable men and women due to poverty and should be ruled as a criminal offense.

The legistlator explained that sextortion causes immense harm to affected individuals and erodes trust in institutions.

She defined sextortion as the abuse of power by those in authoritaty coercing individuals both males and females into giving sexual favors.

“Sextortion has become a pressing issue in the country causing immense harm to the victim and eroding trust in both private and public institutions,”  Passari said during a parliament session.

She added, “The demand for sex in exchange for  essential resources, services and opportunities is both an infringement of human rights and a significant obstacles in achieving developement goals, predicted on gender equality, transparency and accountable governance.”

She further faults the constitution for failing to recognize sextortion as form of corruption, harassment and exploitation hindering effective prosecution and victim’s protection.

“It is against this background that I humbly pray that the national assembly, through the public petition committee, proposes amendment to the pen code, the sexual offence act and any other criminal to explicitly define sexual extortion as an offense and make clear provision on penalties, support for victims and for connected purposes,” she said.

Other members of parliament supported the petitioner’s sentiments calling for an immediate consideration on the issue, insisting on the law to differentiate between sextortion and other crimes like rape and defilement.

Kitui South MP Rachel Nyamai congratulated Passaris for the bold steps in addressing the matter that has been affecting most Kenyans. Suba South MP Caroli Omondi also showed her support on the petition stating that sextortion should be criminalized and the victims to be compensated.

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