NAIROBI, April 30 – Smartphone manufacturer Huawei has launched a range of innovative products
and solutions for Wi-Fi 7 campuses.

These include smart home networks, and production networks in the power and transportation

Its East Africa Enterprise Managing Director Kevin Wenkai observed that the move is in line with
Huawei’s vision of creating solutions that revolutionize the customer experience.

“Our Value proposition is that Huawei invests heavily in our Research and Development (R&D)
producing high-quality solutions. Our Company is customer-focused in approach and we are committed
to always improving customer experience. We look forward to continue working with our customers and
partners in delivering our innovative and reliable solutions,” he said.

On his part, ICT Director, MOIC, and DE Loyford Murithi lauded Huawei for the investment adding that
technologies such as digital maps will greatly improve network O&M efficiency.

“Those new transmission technologies will speed up fiber to home, to enterprise, to machine, and to
computing, building accurate sensing and ultra-broadband, deterministic networks for industries. I wish
to thank Huawei for the investment it has and continues to make in Kenya and in its people. We are
looking forward to the success of these products and solutions in the Kenyan market and beyond,” he

The launch event, Huawei Kenya IP & OptiX Club 2024, brought together customers from various
industries such as Government, Transportation, ISP, Finance, Energy, and Commerce.
The aim was to discuss the latest solutions and future trends in the IP and optical industry.

The event highlighted Huawei’s commitment to investing heavily in research and development and
delivering reliable and customer-focused solutions.