NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 17-The Non Communicable Disease Alliance (NCD) has called called out for action from governments to protect young people and their environment from harmful marketing.

NCD says that commercial marketing of unhealthy products such as junk food, tobacco, and alcohol to young people is a key factor behind the global rise of non communicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and mental health conditions and cause a staggering 41 million deaths annually(74% of global mortalities.

“The harm from these unhealthy products is both immediate and lifelong, and it carries on across generations by adding fuel to a cycle of poverty and chronic disease. This report calls on governments to protect the right of children ” said Katie Dain, CEO of NCD Alliance.

 Inclusion of toys with purchases, Use of bright colors or cartoons, Flavoring of products, Contests and giveaways, Branded merchandise and memorabilia, Gamification, Sponsorships with celebrities and athletes, and Engagement or sharing on social media are tactics that the marketing companies use to trap young people.

 “Evidence shows companies seeking out the most vulnerable populations with precise and predatory techniques that are nothing short of an attack on the physical and mental health and well being of children and young people,” Ms. Dain further reiterated.

NCD reiterates that marketers also use a common play book to counter the regulation and prevent restrictions that would constrain their commercial activities and their profits.

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