Kenya Rugby Union has partnered with a renowned global brand, promising innovative kit designs and increased international exposure for Kenyan teams.

English sports equipment manufacturer Umbro is set to become the new kit partner for the Kenya Rugby Union (KRU), marking a new era for the sport in the country.

This partnership signifies a major change in Kenyan rugby, as Umbro replaces BLK, which has been the official kit supplier since 2020.

The transition to Umbro, a globally recognized brand, is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the Kenyan rugby national teams’ apparel, enhancing their visibility on the international stage.

Alexander ‘Sasha’ Mutai, the chairman of KRU, expressed his excitement about the new partnership.

“We are well-known, and we have a new kit partner, Umbro, who has come in. We will make the announcement next week, so we now have a global partner,” Mutai said in an interview with K24.

He emphasized the significance of this collaboration, highlighting that “With Umbro and their global network, our jerseys will be available globally. It will be a beautifully designed jersey, incorporating our heritage. People will be happy with that jersey.”

Umbro’s association with KRU is not just about providing sports gear; it is a partnership that resonates with the core values of both organizations.

Both KRU and Umbro uphold principles of integrity, passion, teamwork, discipline, and excellence. This synergy is expected to manifest in the designs and quality of the kits that the Kenyan national teams will sport in upcoming tournaments.

The previous partnership with BLK, initiated in 2020, saw Kenyan national rugby teams like the Simbas, Lionesses, and Chipu kitted in uniquely designed apparel.

BLK was renowned for creating dynamic and collaborative designs and had a significant impact on the visibility and branding of Kenyan rugby on the global stage.

The switch to Umbro, however, opens up new opportunities. Known for their innovative and stylish sportswear, Umbro is expected to bring a fresh, creative approach to the Kenyan teams’ kits.

And maybe, bolster more confidence for the Kenyan rugby team at international levels.

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