NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 27 – Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has revealed that the Affordable Housing Project is set to employ 750,000 Kenyans this year.

On a post shared on his X account, Kuria maintained that the project goes beyond mere construction of living units but a ring ground for employment of youths in the country.

“Our affordable housing project is not just about houses. It’s more about jobs. 2023 saw 110,000 Kenyans working on the affordable housing projects. In 2024, this will rise to 750,000 jobs,“ he wrote on his X post.

He maintained that the goal was to address the housing needs of the population while boosting economic growth through job creation.

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“As the President has said, the affordable housing program, which is a key plank of the government’s economic transformational agenda, is not only about low-cost and decent housing needs, but also meant to create jobs for thousands of youth and stimulate the economy,” CS Kuria wrote.

President William Ruto had last year launched the affordable housing project anchored on providing affordable housing for citizens. The project is being undertaken in 31 sites across the country.

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Speaking in December during a media interview in statehouse, Ruto said that he is planning to increase the affordable housing sites by 34 in order to create more jobs.

“We have a plan to ensure we keep increasing, we have only 31 sites of housing program. We have another 34 that will be rolled out (in) the first quarter of next year (this year – 2024). By the end of next year (2024) we will have 200,000 to 250, 000 Kenyans working in affordable housing units,” Ruto said in December 2023 at statehouse.