August 7, 2023,

President William Ruto has promised to breathe new life into stagnated government projects. These ventures will not only be revived but also expanded and modernized to accommodate the nation’s burgeoning population. Ruto’s vision is to complete all ongoing projects within two years to prevent wastage of valuable resources.

The President articulated, “No new project will be launched before we complete the running ones.” This
unwavering commitment to finishing existing initiatives before embarking on new ones echoes the ethos of late President Mwai Kibaki’s timeless rallying call, “Kazi Itaendelea” – emphasizing the importance of continuous work for national progress.

During the commissioning of the Othaya Sewerage Project – Last Mile Connectivity in Othaya, President Ruto addressed the crowd, highlighting the pressing need to eliminate the stagnation of projects and its adverse impact on resource allocation. He stressed the government’s dedication to restarting these stalled initiatives, ensuring their completion for the betterment of the nation.

President Ruto’s pledge to reinvigorate stalled projects is not limited to urban developments. In the
town of Tetu, he inaugurated the Kaiguni Irrigation Project, encompassing a vast 2,500-acre expanse. Anticipated to contribute significantly to the horticultural sector, this endeavor aims to boost the value of produce by an impressive Ksh500 million annually and generate approximately 15,000 employment opportunities.

The President’s commitment to modernizing infrastructure was further evident as he launched the tarmacking of the Ichamara-Rutune road, spanning an extensive 45 kilometers. President Ruto emphasized the crucial role of modern roads in stimulating commerce and trade, a vital element in propelling the nation’s economy forward.

Accompanied by prominent officials including Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and Cabinet Secretary
Musalia Mudavadi, President Ruto’s announcements underscored the government’s dedication to fostering growth across multiple sectors. By choosing to complete existing projects before embarking on
new ventures, the administration exhibits a commitment to accountability, efficiency, and delivering
tangible results.