Nyandarua county government has unveiled a plan to construct 10 modern markets within the region this fiscal year. The move is aimed at bolstering economic growth and uplifting small-scale traders.

During a visit to Shamata Town in Ndaragwa constituency, President William Ruto said the primary objective behind this endeavor is to provide local entrepreneurs with an improved and conducive environment to conduct their businesses, ultimately leading to increased prosperity.

Ruto stressed the significance of an optimal business environment in driving higher earnings for entrepreneurs. “A conducive environment will make entrepreneurs earn more from their work,” he observed, emphasizing that the development of modern markets will present an opportunity for small
traders to thrive in an atmosphere that encourages growth and stability.

However, the announcement was not solely centered on market construction. President He also
highlighted the ongoing infrastructural development in the region. The commissioning of the tarmacking of several roads, including Maili Kumi – Kariamu, Warukira-Shamata, and Mairo Inya – Salama, was cited as part of the government’s strategy to bolster the region’s agricultural and economic landscape.

More than 400 kilometers of roads are undergoing upgrades in Nyandarua county, a move that Ruto believes will significantly benefit local farmers by ensuring the swift transportation of fresh produce.

“Upgraded infrastructure means better earnings, more jobs, and enhanced growth for
our country,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that the enhancement of road network would play a pivotal role in reducing transport costs and minimizing post-harvest losses. This, in turn, contributes to the government’s broader agenda of rejuvenating agriculture — a sector which is believed to be backbone of Kenya’s economy.

Ruto also highlighted challenges faced by dairy farmers, promising practical solutions. “We must turn milk farming into a cool business. We will not allow a litre of the product to go below Ksh50,” he asserted. He disclosed that the government would distribute more milk coolers in the region to shield farmers from market fluctuations and reduce potential losses. Additionally, he noted that the government had decreased taxes on animal feeds to make production more cost-effective and vowed to curb illegal and unnecessary milk importation.

Local leaders, including Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, Governor Moses Badilisha, and various
Members of Parliament, were present at the event. Deputy President Gachagua echoed the government’s commitment to creating and expanding economic opportunities for the youth. This comprehensive strategy, encompassing infrastructural development, market establishment, and support for vital sectors like agriculture, highlights a multifaceted approach towards driving growth and prosperity in Nyandarua county.