A cheetah climbs tour vehicle at Maasai Mara National Reserve. Photo/courtesy.

Narok county government has banned the use of private vehicles for safaris game drive in Masaai Mara National Reserve.

In a memo dated 3rd June 2024 the chief park administrator, Alex Nabaala announced that only three types of vehicles will be allowed in the park.

“In line with the implementation of the Masaai Mara management plant, we have banned the usage of private vehicles for game drives. The vehicles that will be used for game drives are only the safari trucks, safari land cruise and safari vans,” Nabaala stated.

This measure has been taken to protect the eco-system to reduce the traffic control in preparation
of the wild beast migration from Serengeti Tanzania to Kenya Masaai Mara that is set to happen in June 2024, and to protect the lives of the adventurers who endanger their lives by driving close to the animals and other forms of misconducts.

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In a press on Wednesday 4th June, Narok Governor Patrick ole Ntutu confirmed the ban citing noise pollution and unauthorised gathering by the adventurers.

“There is littering of the park, noise pollution and unauthorised gathering,” Patrick Ole Ntutu
said in a press this morning.

“There are numerous reports of misconduct by the drivers and the occupants of the private vehicle displaying blatant disregard for reserve regulations,” he added.

All the private vehicles will now be parked outside the Serekani gates as the adventurers are to
pay an extra cost for the authorised safari vehicles and also the tour guides.

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