Rapid Support Forces members. Photo/courtesy.

(Sudan conflict) – International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor is investigating on allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Sudanese Darfur Al fashir region.

The region which has become a new front between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid support Forces, (RSF) has reported allegations of planned ethnic attack on civilians, rape and attacks in health facilities.

Al fashir, Darfur found in North western Sudan is a home for 1.8 million residents including those displaced.

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ICC prosecutor Karim Khan said he is concerned about crimes being commited in Sudan.

“I am extremely concerned about allegations of widespread international crimes being committed in el-Fashir and its surrounding areas,” ICC prosecutor Karim Khan said in a video statement on Tuesday, adding that the investigation “seems to disclose an organized, systematic and a profound attack on human dignity.”

Khan call for any one with videos or audio to submit to his office.

ICC can prosecute war crimes, crimes against humanity and, genocide if committed on the territory of one of the court’s 124 member states or by nationals of ICC members. Or have jurisdiction through referral by the United Nation Security Council.

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In January, the ICC prosecutor told the UN Security Council, that he believed war crimes were being committed in Darfur by government troops and the RSF in El Geneina.

The war in Sudan which began on April 2023 has killed ten thousands of people while millions have been displaced from their homes, according to the UN experts.

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