Embattled Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry/photo courtesy.

JEDCA MEDIA MARCH 12 – Embattled Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry has resigned following increased gang violence which has thrown the country into chaos and economic crisis. He took power in 2021 after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

Henry has been in Puerto Rico since last week after he was blocked from entering the country by gangs who attacked the Airport leading to its closure.

Jimmy Berbecue Cherizier, the leader and spokesperson of the gangs had warned that Henry’s return to Haiti would lead to genocide. The gangs have been exchanging fire with police in capital Port-Au-Price pushing for prime minister’s resignation.

His resignation comes barely a week after visiting Kenya seeking security support to fight the ever-increasing violence in the Caribbean nation. Henry was an appointee of the late president Jovenel Moise and thus remained a illegitimate leader who was termed by Haitians as corrupts, according to several reports.

On Monday Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders held an emergency summit in Jamaica to deliberate on a framework that will enable Haiti to hold elections following repeated postponement which has lead to increased violence.

According to Guyana President Mohamed Ali, summit in Jamaica sought to bring stability and in Haiti.

Displacement of Haitians

In the last one week, more than 15,000 people have been displaced in Haiti following gangs violence. US has also evacuated workers in its Haiti embassy as well as increasing the number of security guards manning the embassy. UK followed suit by evacuating embassy workers in a move that portrays the volatility of security situation in Haiti.

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