Several people are feared dead while many have been displaced due to the ongoing floods caused by  heavy rainfall experienced across the country.  

Seasonal weather forecast for March, April and May (MAM) 2024 estimated an average rainfall  in the country.

However, heavy rainfall has been above average since mid March.  The meteorological department made a statement that rainfall will persist in various regions across the  country with heavy downpours all the way to June this year. 

Due to intense increase of rainfall, Communities along lakes and rivers in addition to low lying areas have  registered high cases of floods with a number of households displaced.  

According to the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), approximately 90 percent  of people in Mandera, Garissa, Tana River, Wajir, Isiolo and Meru  counties have been impacted by flooding.

Their study shows 32 deaths have been recorded since mid  March, at least 103,485 people have been affected, over 960 livestock have been killed and at least 24,010 properties destroyed.  

Major cause of flood in informal settlements in most Cities like Kisumu Nairobi and Mombasa, is the  poor blockage drainage along the estates.  

The Red Cross has responded to the impact of the MAM rainfall in emergency rescue missions, while advising  communities in flood prone areas to move to higher grounds for  safety.