NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 27-The cabinet secretary Ministry of tourism Dr Alfred Mutua has held a meeting with the East African Tour guides and Drivers Association members aiming at enhancing Kenya’s tourism industry.

The meeting which was held today at the KICC, enabled CS Alfred Mutua to familiarize himself with the organization as well as projecting to them his vision in the ministry.

“Together with the tourism PS, Mr John Oltuaa, I had the pleasure of convening a constructive meeting with the dedicated members of the East Africa Tour Guides and Drivers Association. This gathering took place at the iconic Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi, serving the dual purpose of familiarizing myself with their organization and introducing my vision to them,” Stated the CS on his X page.

The association tabled its concerns which included a request to be formally recognized by the government through the inclusion of the Tourism Act which would provide them with legal standings and guarantee their protection.

The two parties also agreed to review the Tourism Regulatory Authority(TRA) which will aid in aligning with the evolving needs and dynamics of the tourism sector.

The CS further urged the members to maintain a sense of order and discipline and the association plans to honor and reward the best tour guides . The guides also highlighted their thirst for more training to enhance their efficiency in carrying out their tour duties.

“I stressed the importance of members cultivating a sense of order and discipline, maintaining professionalism, and adhering to world-class standards. They are the country’s ambassadors during their interactions with tourists,” stated the CS on his X handle.

He has further encouraged guides to unite and create an amazing tourism experience for the visitors and also be ambassadors who will convince tourists to recommend Kenya to their friends and come back for future visits.

“This meeting marked the beginning of a collaborative journey to enhance Kenya’s tourism industry, with the shared commitment to prioritize excellence and promote the country as an outstanding destination for travelers from around the world,” The CS noted.

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