Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua said students in some primary and secondary schools across the country will resume the second term later than usual. 

Speaking on Friday, April 26, during a press conference on the ongoing floods in Karen, Gachagua said that the opening date of the schools will be postponed for those in the flood affected areas.

He added that the Ministry of Education will collaborate with various regional governments to assess the situation on the ground before informing parents and students about the change. 

However, the DP stressed that students whose schools were not affected by the rain will go to school next week, according to the 2024 school calendar of the Ministry of Education.

 “This will be investigated individually. If it is necessary to extend the opening date, we can do it. Otherwise, for the needs of the country, the school will open as planned,” he said.

 According to Education Secretary Belio Kipsang, 64 schools in Nairobi have been affected by the rain and they will reopen once normal conditions return.

“In Nairobi County, we have 64 schools that are affected by classrooms and toilets. We have decided to treat them as a community issue so that we do not ask all schools to remain open. In fact, Nairobi has 210 public schools and 800 private schools. For 64, we can delay opening them,” he said. 

This comes as the country continues to experience heavy rains. Kenya’s Meteorological Department on Tuesday issued a heavy rain warning, calling on Kenyans to be vigilant as heavy rains continue to wreak havoc in different parts of the country.

“Flooding is expected in low-lying areas, flood plains and poor urban areas,” said director of meteorological services David Gikungu.

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