NAIROBI Kenya Oct -The Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) has arrested a kakamega based police officer after numerous complains where the officer detained public service vehicles without any cause and later demanding money from the victims.

The traffic police officer ,Monyenye Dennis Marunga, or also famously known as “Denno” within the Kakamega matatu industry was arrested yesterday following a complain where he arrested a Matatu operator and ordered the operator to pay him a “forgiveness fee” in order to forgive him and release the detained vehicle.

The EACC launched an investigation which led to his arrest, following the alleged numerous cases that had been brought to them against the officer.

“The suspect, famously known as ‘Denno’ within the matatu industry in Kakamega, has allegedly developed a specialization in arbitrarily impounding and detaining public service vehicles, without cause, and thereafter demanding money from the victims, as a condition for releasing the detained and unbooked vehicle,” stated the EACC in their report.

The officer was taken at EACC Bungoma Regional Office and later booked at Bungoma Police Station where he is pending further action.

EACC has further as further assured the public that it is working with the office of the inspector general and other government offices towards dealing with the rampant corruption and extortion cases happening in Kenyan roads.

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