Mount Ibu in Indonesia erupts three times on Thursday morning spewing red lava, rocks and
clouds of grey ash.

The 1,325-meter volcano located at the eastern island of Halmahera in North Maluku province, erupted thrice on Thursday, stated an official of the Indonesia volcano Agency, Mr. Heruningtyas Desi Purnamasari. No injuries have been recorded so far.

The first eruption was at 1:30am local time, the second eruption was at 7:46am for two minutes
and the third eruption 8:11am.

Muhammad Wafid, chief of Indonesia’s Geology Agency stated that the recent eruption sent ash clouds up to 1200meters into the air.

The country has 120 active volcanic mountains, which makes it prone to volcanic eruption, as it
sits along the pacific “Ring of Fire”.

According to the Indonesian National Disaster Agency, thousands of acres have been affected with more than 1,900 people evacuated from the villages close to the mountain. Authorities have urged people to stay 7 kilometers from the high volcano, banning all activities round the source.

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In April-May period, Indonesia recorded eruption activities half dozen times in Ruang volcano, North Sulawesi province which forced more than 1200 people to be evacuated, and in west Sumatra province, atleast 60 people were confirmed dead due to the lava flows from mount Marapi.

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