NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 18 – Pathologists Lancet Kenya has announced its rebranding to Cerba Lancet Kenya.

According to the diagnosis service provider, the decision was made with the intention of better serving its clientele and advancing its attempts to integrate the capabilities of its different partners into a seamless whole in order to give exceptional, individualized treatment.

According to CEO Mwende Musunga, the company’s long-term dedication to delivering superior patient care which includes promoting teamwork and expanding to accommodate a broader range of patient needs is reaffirmed by the name change.

“This is a culmination of efforts on brand transformation that we began in 2023 with a key focus on evolving from a diagnostic provider to being deeply integrated into our communities,” she said.

“While the name changes, our guiding principles and business fundamentals remain unchanged,” she added.

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The makeover includes a new visual identity, a revamped website, and a redoubled commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology, creativity, and individualized partner support.

Additionally, it is a pledge to lead the way in medical innovation and to support Cerba Lancet Kenya’s goal of continuing to be the market leader in Kenya for the provision of top-notch private diagnostic services.