I happened to be in an entanglement with a certain guy a few years ago and he invited me to his church.
Who wouldn’t be excited to be with a ‘God-fearing man’? I showed up and 6 hours into the service and I
began getting uncomfortable. So I asked the guy who brought me why is the service too long and he
said we weren’t even halfway into the service and minutes later everyone went to the front for prayers, and for the first time I witnessed ‘miracles’ being performed.

I found it weird that the giving tithes and offering was repeated 5 times during the service. In another instance, I was attending an online class in a matatu and had my earphones on and a pastor stood up to preach. He noticed I wasn’t interested and walked to me, pulled my earphones out and I put them back in. He did it a second time and I got mad and asked him to mind his business. He went on to preach how the younger generation is rude and doesn’t acknowledge God. He got offended after the confrontation and decided to alight the vehicle.
Have we gotten to a point where we are forcing religion on people? Do you know how these doctrines operate? We should be careful who we let in to preach the word of God to us. You are required to protect your spirituality and don’t just let people preach to you just because they are pastors. Being ignorant is
what pulls people to be members of cult groups. Stay woke.

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