Azimio la Umoja now wants a total withdrawal of the finance bill set to be debated in the August House as a sign of good will for the resumption of the bipartisan talks.

The coalition which held a parliamentary group meeting today in Nairobi termed the finance bill to only carry bad, worse and worst news. “We consider this to be a Bill from people living either in another planet or another county,“ said Opiyo Wandai, the minority leader in parliament.

The Azimio law makers have further accused the government of throwing the citizens under the bus and failing to take cognizance of the already burdened tax payer.

They have cited the high cost of commodities including sugar, maize flour as well as fuel as reasons why the government should go slow on increasing yet another tax levy on its citizens.

 The meeting today comes against the backdrop of the lapse of bipartisan talks deadline window with Azimio giving their Kenya kwanza counterparts till today midnight to fully vacate the bill if they declare the talks moribund.

The meeting today could well be a mobilization drive by the coalition’s top leadership to shoot down the bill when it gets to parliament. Kenya kwanza through majority whip Silvanus Osoro has intimated that the bill will pass come what may, a statement that has not sat well with the opposition.

 Azimio also wants voting on the bill to be by name and not through the Ayes and Nays, a step that could see a dramatic showdown on the floor of the house.

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