On the morning of April 29, a devastating attack shook Elwak town in Mandera, Kenya, claiming the lives of at least 13 individuals. The explosion, triggered by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) concealed on a donkey cart, occurred near a local Administration Police camp.

Among the victims were seven non-local Kenyans, three Ethiopians, and three locals, including taxi drivers. 

Equity Bank, responding to the security threat, temporarily closed its Elwak branch, ensuring the safety of its staff.

Despite reported intelligence prior to the attack, security forces were unable to prevent it, leading to heightened concerns about the presence of Al Shabaab terrorists or their affiliates in the region.

Mandera Governor Mohamed Khalif denounced the attack as a cowardly act of terrorism, reaffirming the community’s resolve to combat such violence.

β€œThe crime scene has been sealed off for evacuation and investigations while various security formations are in pursuit of the attackers,” CS Kindiki said in a statement.

The incident adds to a series of security challenges in the area, with ongoing efforts to counter terrorist activities.

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Just months prior, on January 19, a similar attack claimed the life of a police officer and injured two others at the Mandera-Bula Hawa border crossing.

Additionally, on April 13, suspected Al Shabaab militants raided Elwak Referral Hospital, underscoring the persistent threat posed by the extremist group.

Governor Khalif urged citizens to remain vigilant and cooperate with security forces to prevent future attacks.