Nairobi, Kenya, Nov 28 – High temperatures expected in the Coastal region while the Rift valley highlands are expected to experience chilly nights.

The Kenya Meteorological Department on Tuesday issued an alert that the coastal region and some parts of the Northern region will experience high temperature that is above 30 degree celsius while the Eastern part of Rift valley will experience chilly nights.

” Expect high temperatures above 30 degree celsius in the Coast, North-Eastern, North-Western and some south Eastern lowlands. Nights in parts of highland East Rift valley will be chilly below 10 degree celsius,” the statement indicated.

The coastal region has been experiencing heavy rainfalls that have caused flooding in various parts of the coast with several casualties reported. 

The director of the Agency, David Gikungu previously stated that the heavy rains in the Coastal regions were projected to continue until January 2024.

” What the Coast has received is already higher than what we call average. The observation is that there is likelihood of going all the way to the end of January 2024,” the agency director said.