NAIROBI, Kenya Sep 25 – Cabinet Secretary for Education Dr Ezekiel Machogu has today highlighted the recommendations that the presidential working party on education listed in their report  for guiding the education sector in Kenya at the new Mtihani House in South C Nairobi.

The CS recommended a new grading system structure that will be implemented in the 2023 examinations. The new grading system recommends the use of only two subjects which is mathematics and one of the languages to compute cluster points unlike the previous one where four subjects were used.

It is expected that the new reform measure will increase the number of students qualifying for universities, diploma and TVET training at certificate and Artisan levels.

Diploma in primary Teacher education[DPTE] and diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education [DECTE] teacher trainees will now be admitted under a reviewed subject cluster requirements.

The working party further recommended leveraging technology at all levels of education by developing ICT infrastructure for curriculum and improving digital literacy among teachers, parents and other stakeholders. Digital literacy among teachers will provide skills that teachers can impart to the learners in our schools.

The rationalization of the number of learning areas and curriculum design in terms of learning was also recommended. The CS said the integration of subjects within a learning area, gaps, content overload and overlaps in basic education is ongoing and shall be announced soon.

Cs Machogu also urged all personnel who will take part in the national examinations to dispense their duties with utmost professionalism in line with set guidelines. He called upon those who will manage and asses this years examinations must uphold integrity while executing their roles and remain vigilant to deter any form of malpractice.

On exams, the Cs said that this year’s examination materials will be collected from the distribution centres twice a day adding that security shall be beefed up in areas prone to insecurity to ensure that all candidates undertake their examinations in a conducive environment.

The Cs also warned parents and guardians to be wary of unscrupulous  individuals who would want to con and sell fake examination materials to unsuspecting candidates.

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