NAIROBI Kenya Oct 2023-Bela Risu Medical Centre (BMC), an affiliate of Balarisu Medical Foundation celebrated  one year anniversary showcasing key milestones in cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries in Kenya and beyond.

Since its inception, BMC has consistently offered free surgeries to patients across all social cadres. So far, the organization has conducted over 7,000 successful cleft  surgeries free of charge.

Cleft lip palate (CLP) is a congenital Condition whereby a baby’s lip or mouth does not form properly in early pregnancy. The condition can lead to a multitude of physical and psychological complexities such as feeding as well as social isolation. 

“Bela Risu is committed to providing innovative and realistic solutions with advocacy efforts grounded in local expertise and local solutions that prioritize equitable and accessible healthcare. Through our efforts , we aim to do our part in delivering the objects of universal health coverage , sustainable development goals , and global surgery” said Bela Risu in statement. 

They also noted that the transformative initiative has brought together renewed hope to countless families, and has  been made possible through collaborations with over 600 locally trained professionals  and over 300 dedicated volunteers in 30 partner institutions across 10 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. 

“While the  our foundation prides itself in the 7000 patients who have received care to date, it’s reminded of the urgent demand to address the needs of 40, 000 that remain on it’s waiting list. Through the support of individuals like you, we can continue to deliver transformative care to fulfill our mission of ensuring dignified livelihoods to people with craniofacial conditions” read the statement.

“Our vision is to be a leading patient centered health system for craniofacial conditions,  delivering the most comprehensive, efficient, high quality care, with a mission of providing innovative solutions through patient centered programs, interdisciplinary systems , research and synergistic collaborations” the statement read further. 

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