NAIROBI, KENYA, OCT 30-The Azimio La Umoja Coalition has announced that it will support HE Simba Arati , the Governor of Kisii county and condemns the National government to stop intimidating governors to take particular political direction.

The coalition has assured that it will stand with Simba Arati and has encouraged him to remain firm, principled and focused.

This follows after the General Service Unit laid siege at the offices of the kisii Governor earlier today without any prior notice.

The coalition has termed the incident as a blackmail to the governors that is aimed at seeing them take directions from the national government which is undermining the authority of governors.

It has further stated, that it is a misuse of powers and national government institutions such as the investigative agencies and security apparatus by the Kenya Kwanza Government and warns the national government officers to cease.

“The Kisii incident is a continuation of a growing pattern of the Kenya Kwanza administration misusing national government institutions like investigative agencies and security apparatus to intimidate and blackmail governors,” stated the coalition in their statement.

It further condemned the act where the police command tried to brush off the incident with a mediocre explanation that only leads to the abuse of Kenyans intelligence.

Azimio has assured that it will stand with governors and county governments regardless of political affiliations whenever they are brought under pressure for political reasons.