Atleast 10 people have lost their lives after the walls of a dam in Maai Mahiu bursted, leaving more than 15 families displaced.
According to Nakuru county commander Samwel Ndanyi said ten bodies were recovered as the search continue to rescued other victims.
However,the locals said that there might be more fatality trapped in the mud that are not accounted for.
Naivasha sub-County police Commander Stephen Kirui said that several people could have been stacked.
“A search and rescue operation is underway after a dam is old Kijambe burst and flooded part of Maai Mahiu town of Naivasha.The old dam burst early Monday before the water swept away several houses ,”Kirui said.
It is said that atleast 15 people had been rescued from the mud and rushed to Naivasha sub-County hospital.
Police officers at the scene said rescuers were still combing through collapsed houses to rescue victims.
Consequently,Naivasha MP Jane Kihara said the floods had caused huge destruction.
“The extent of the damage is yet to be assessed ,but the rescuers operation is underway,”MP said.
On the other hand,Kenya national Highway Authority has issued a traffic advisory stating that while driving Maai Mahiu highway,drivers should take caution.
Heavy rains in the catchment areas of Kinale and Kijabe have led water courses to experience an upsurge which has led to the washing away of debris and several houses,”KeNHA stated.
KeNHA added that the area is heavily flooded where roads are blocked .
KeNHA further says that the current traffic is halted in Maai Mahiu centre.
“These areas are heavily affected with road blockages,reported.Currently traffic is at stand still around Maai Mahiu centre.The Authority is mobilizing efforts to clear the road and access damage,”KeNHA said.

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